Now, more than ever, the Internet is part of every day life for New Zealanders. 8 in 10 of us carry the Internet in our pocket and increasingly use it for everyday tasks and online search.

Each year NZRS Ltd, the registry that operates the .nz domain name space, conducts research via Colmar Brunton [^1]: [^2]:with consumers and businesses in New Zealand looking at use of the Internet and domain names. For businesses in New Zealand these results provide some insight into the importance of maintaining an active, modern online presence as part of their business operations.

97% of online New Zealanders rely on the Internet when searching for information, products or services. For businesses this means having an online presence and focusing on being found in online searches are essential elements to finding and engaging your target customer.

.nz websites continue to be rated the highest when searching the Internet, buying a product or service or reading the news online.

  • 67% prefer .nz based websites when searching for information online.
  • 75% prefer .nz based websites when buying products online.
  • 67% prefer .nz based websites when reading news stories online.

While 60% of New Zealand businesses are yet to have a web based presence using a domain name the 40% that have invested time and effort are reaping the benefits.

  • 93% find it helps to share information with their customers.
  • 92% find it helps consumers connect with their business.
  • 81% find it helps build credibility.
  • 69% find it helps to increase sales.
  • 51% find it helps drive customer loyalty.

For the business the sector this means continuing to evolve as the Internet becomes more pervasive. For businesses that integrate the Internet in their business models – whether it be focussed on engagement, sales, support or all of these – they will see a growing competitive advantage. And don’t forget about focussing on the mobile experience for your customers as 73% will move to a different website if the one they are on does not function well.

It’s also about being local. For businesses that want to express their business as being uniquely New Zealand a .nz domain name for your web and email address helps customers to rapidly identify their business.

  • 74% of consumers perceive .nz domain names as representing local.
  • 78% of businesses choose a .nz domain name because they are a New Zealand business.

Research conducted in July/August 2015 by Colmar Brunton on behalf of NZRS Ltd.

[^1]: Consumer research: In total, 1,002 respondents sourced from Colmar Brunton’s consumer research panel took part in this research. When interpreting the results please remember they come from an online survey and therefore none of the New Zealanders without internet access are included. The maximum margin of error for this sample size is ±3.1% at the 95% confidence level. The data is weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the New Zealand population.

[^2]: Business research: A total of 1,101 business-people were recruited from the Fly Buys online business panel; 596 of who have a domain name and 505 who do not. These groups were weighted to reflect the incidence of domain name registration in New Zealand businesses and to be representative of businesses in NZ. The maximum margin of error for a simple random sample of this size is ±3.0%, at the 95% confidence level.